Our Toronto Event Venues

The Perfect Fit, No Matter the Occasion

Are you looking for a modern space for a bridal shower or an expansive venue for a large party? Distillery Events can provide that and much more. Our venues are all unique and vaunt beauty through their architectural structure and design alone. Allow us to transform these magnificent plots by bringing your personal touch to the table; elevating the venue to release its full potential.

Our venues include:

  • Archeo explores the beauty of an open floor plan with the combined warmth of high yellow pine ceilings, concrete floors, exposed brick walls, and reclaimed timber bars and tables. This space is well-suited for cozy dinners or larger functions. It also boasts many facilities such as iPod compatible sound systems, private outdoor courtyards, and the ability to remove all furniture to create a blank slate for your venue.
  • The Distillery District Loft is accompanied by a gorgeous backdrop that will awe your guests with its contemporary design and décor.
  • The Fermenting Cellar will take your guests breath away as they take in the 35-ft. ceiling and original Kingston limestone walls from 1861. The space has been transformed from its older design into a unique event platform throughout Toronto. It boasts a 7,500-square foot space, heavy timber beams, and can be transformed into any look you desire.
  • Cluny Bistro Private Dining: The Cluny Private Dining Room hosts unique features from its design, setting, and the exquisite menu. The space is large, open, and filled with breath-taking custom details from the décor to the architecture. The private dining room can accommodate 80 guests or be split into an eastern or western section, which seats fewer people.

Call Us to Find Out Which Venue Suits Your Needs

From the impressive Fermenting Cellar’s high ceilings to the privacy of the Cluny Bistro Private Dining Room, Distillery Events offers it all. We offer the highest quality services to Toronto and look forward to each unique venue. Our event coordinators and staff will guide you through the entire process and ensure that you are pleased before and after your special occasion. Call us today at (416) 203-2363 to start planning!

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