Award-Winning Cuisine

Top-tier chefs and award-winning restaurants are part of what sets Distillery Events apart. 

Our Events Specialists and Chefs work to develop a perfect menu for you, no matter your taste. All of Head Chef Justin Borg’s menus are customizable, and we’re happy to help create specialized or from-scratch fare that can meet your unique needs, in any cuisine. 

If you’re looking to taste the best of what's already on offer at our award-winning restaurants – Madrina, El Catrin, Cluny Bistro, and Pure Spiritsthe Distillery Restaurants Corporation’s kitchens are on hand to provide perfect dining experiences. 

We offer full catering, coordination, and staffing services within all our venues, as well as many of the boutique and gallery locations in the Distillery District. Some off-site services are available for events in private residences and offices across the GTA.

Hosting a conference or large corporate event? We also offer unique group dining experiences across Distillery District restaurants.

Our Restaurants

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